The Social and Emotional books support our district’s initiative to provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for the students.  More SEL books were added in the Media Center to meet the needs of the students.  These books deal with compassion, kindness, empathy and how to deal with bullying and also with grief.

Terry Lopez – Brekke School – Grades TK-5 , Social Emotional Library

The Ram’s Garden Club will be working on growing edible foods, but will also grow plants that will help the environment (i.e. pollinators such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds).  A garden is also a healthy activity that students do together, building new relationships and a stronger community.

Jessica Orozco – Driffill School – Grades 7 & 8 , Ram Gardening Club

The purpose of this project was to provide English learner students in the Newcomer Academy with the tools to create high-quality video projects to support their continuing development of oracy and literacy skills.

Greg Brisbine – RJ Frank Academy of Marine Science and Engineering – Grades 6-8 , History Comes Alive for English Learners

The purpose of this project was to allow students to be able to use virtual reality as a way of deepening their understanding of college and careers Students use the free Google Expeditions app to go on virtual college campus visits and  learn about different careers from the experts at their places of work using virtual reality goggles.

Lindsey Pompey – Fremont Academy of Environmental Science and Innovative Design - Grades 6-8 , Teach Beyond the Four Walls: College and Career Exploration with Google Expeditions

The purpose of this project was to increase student understanding of collecting and representing data through creating art on postcards that will be sent to another class in order to analyze and discuss.

Shannon Todd– Fremont – Academy of Environmental Science and Innovative Design Grades 6-8 , Understanding Data and the World through Artistic Expression

The purpose of this project was for the First grade Dual Language Immersion students to develop high levels of biliteracy through more access to daily AR Bilingual books to help promote literacy.

Anna Cash - Harrington School – Grade 1 Dual Language Immersion , Biliteracy through AR reading with 1st Grade DLI students

The purpose of this project was to grow the robotics program using additional parts to allow students to build more complex robots with greater maneuverability and object manipulation resulting in students being able to contend with other schools in local and regional competitions.

Laura Chua – Lemonwood School – Grades 6-8 , Expand the Robotics Program

The purpose of this project was to create an appreciation for past and present artists who have influenced the art community.  By focusing on famous artists, past and present, an environment can be created from which the students can learn and also create works of art inspired by the artists who are studied.

Heather Ranck – Lemonwood School – Grades 6-8 , Painting with the Masters

The purpose of this grant was to purchase the necessary equipment to jump start the use of green screen in order to enhance student presentations in an engaging and meaningful way.  This helps students in writing reports, creating presentations, speaking in public and learning technology skills.

Michael Armstrong – McKinna School – Grades 4-6, but can be expanded , Green Screen

The purpose of this project was to provide students an opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments while learning the importance of depending upon each other to complete a song.

Heidi Gose – McKinna School – Grades K-5 , Music to Enrich the Heart and Soul