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The Foundation has distributed grants to some of the following recipients for projects at their school sites:

Founded in 1983 for the purpose of supporting and promoting academic excellence in Oxnard’s schools, the Oxnard School District Education Foundation raises money for programs where funding is otherwise unavailable.

 Thank you in advance for caring about our community.






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Jennifer Siebers – Curren School –Grades K-8 - $2,250

School Vegetable Gardens:  Vegetable and Native Plants

This is a continuation of our goal to have on-site school vegetable gardens so that the students are able to grow organic food and have an appreciation for eating and enjoying fresh, home-grown food.  This is a portion of the request which will cover the garden beds and shovels.



Dr. Kim Dufau – Driffill School – Grades 2-5 - $1565

Literature and History

The purpose of this project is to work with strong and struggling readers to create an atmosphere that fosters a love of literature, through shared inquiry, that will produce critical thinkers who have empathy and make judgments.  This is a portion of the requested amount.



Leticia Ramos – Elm School – $1,200

Musical Instruments for Hands-On Performing        

The purpose of this project is to empower classroom teachers with musical instruments to implement the lessons introduced by the Music Team teacher.  Learning musical concepts on paper is much different than being able to apply them to real instruments.  Our objective is to give students hands-on experience of real instruments to enrich their musical experience.



Manfred Koch – Fremont Intermediate School – Grades 6-8 - $1,777

Get up and Dance

The purpose of this project is to supply students and staff with a portable sound system so they can perform rhythmic and dance skills at any location.



Josephine Noyola – Harrington School – Grades K- 5 - $865

Let’s Play Music

The purpose of this project is to promote students’ intellectual, emotional, and musical growth while fostering a cultural learning environment.  The goals will follow national music standards.  Students will learn relationships between music notation and their relative sounds through instruments, guided practice, integrated technology and direct instruction. 



Frank Godinez and Christine McDaniels  – Kamala School – Grades 6-8 - $1,607

Print Like a Pro

The purpose of this project is to prepare students in a digital environment, which uses digital photography production to expose and express opinions of the people within the community and the world around them.  Using Common Core Standards, the students will be trained in producing digital photography and showcasing their digital works.



Martha Highfill – TOSA – Grades K – 5 - $1700

Growing Minds Through Music

The purpose of this project is to bring music to many classrooms throughout the Oxnard School District, promoting Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.  Lessons are designed to support the common core curriculum across the disciplines.  It also reduces impulsiveness, inattention, and bullying and aggression.

Martha Barrett and Michelle Beltran – Marshall School – Kindergarten - $ 340

Increasing Number Fluency for Kinder Math Students

The aim of this project is to prepare students for life-long success in mathematical problem solving through increasing confidence and improving fluency in number sense.  This deep understanding of numbers and manipulation of numbers for easy calculation will improve skills in mathematical reasoning.



Carolyn Solano – McAuliffe School – Grades K-5 - $535

Integrating Art into the Common Core Curriculum

Art integration increases students’ learning in math, science, literacy and other academic subjects, and support a deep level of academic rigor.  This project will allow teachers and students to have access to high quality instructional art resources aligned with the Common Core standards and the visual arts.



Leticia Batista – McKinna School – Kindergarten- $880

Science and Water Exploration Tables and Dash and Dot

 The purpose of this project is to develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) lessons.



David Carlson McKinna School – TK - 5 - $880

Portable Makerspace

The purpose of this project is to provide a portable Makerspace that can be checked out from the library and used in any classroom.  Makerspaces can be described as a place that “provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as students deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.”



Anjanette Carrillo – Ritchen School – Grade 5 - $708

Digital Historians

Technology has a unique capacity to inform.  Students need a guided project to allow them to use this power productively and positively.  This project will allow students to inform peers, parents, and the public about the innovative and engaging events occurring on campus.



Tammy Smith – Grades K-5 - $844

Next Generation Science From the Ground Up project

This project is intended to be a hands-on opportunity to put the Next Generation Science Standards into practice by allowing students to engage, explore and experiment with caring for a school garden.  This then extends the students’ thoughts to explaining, evaluating and elaborating on the experiences they have had.






Roger Wright, Patricia Lopez-Torres, Laura Ambriz – Grades K- 5 - $530

Monarch Butterfly Garden

The purpose of this project is to create a monarch garden in order to teach students about the natural world, providing an opportunity for exploration and discovery in a safe and healthy environment.