Oxnard School District Educational Foundation

Raising Oxnard's future.

The Oxnard School District Education Foundation was created in 1983 for the purpose of supporting and promoting academic excellence in Oxnard’s schools. Specifically in areas where funding is otherwise unavailable. Over the years, the Foundation has provided a variety of programs and events that include: teacher grants for interactive curriculum and arts programs; the Awards of Excellence, a ceremony for students that demonstrate an outstanding level of achievement; and local fundraisers that bring the community together.

The Oxnard School District Education Foundation is committed to the promotion of academic excellence for the students of Oxnard. This commitment requires the combined efforts of us all to help our children thrive and become accomplished adults. The Education Foundation exists to enrich the learning of Our Children. It is a mission that can only be accomplished by working together. Investing in Our Future, by investing in Theirs.

The Foundation seeks to create opportunities for students, specifically in areas where funding is otherwise unavailable.  By getting our community more involved in this important work, we expand our students’ network of adults who can make their future richer and more expansive. 

About Us

This is a unique opportunity for you and your organization to impact children positively by demonstrating a commitment to Oxnard’s most valuable assets, our children! 

Board of Directors


Sue Odgers, President

William Belcher, Treasurer

Janelle Fanslow, Secretary
Sherrill Asadoor-Waters

Peter Chapa

Bob England
Anne Jenks

Ginny Johnson

Hugh McManigal
Noemi Valdes


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